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Quality, Health, Safety, Environment & Sustainability


  • To provide/deliver the highest standard of contracting services; to meet/satisfy our customer’s needs/expectations of quality, safety, reliability and service
  • To accomplish our quality objectives by establishing, implementing and maintaining a documented, effective Quality Assurance System in strict compliance with ISO 9001 requirements
  • To deliver our services in a timely manner based on our customer’s specific requirements/schedule
  • To ensure our employees have the necessary specific/relevant competence/training in their fields in reference to project requirements
  • To communicate this policy to all our employees/customers/other interested parties


  • To operate our workplaces to comply with: safety, security, health, environment and quality; applicable local and global regulations; and the best practices
  • To ensure that the risks associated with our activities/services to our employees/other interested parties/surroundings/information/goods entrusted to us are identified/controlled in a responsible manner
  • To maintain the best possible health, safety, and environmental performance; to prevent/minimize occupational injuries, illnesses and pollution
  • To establish, implement, and maintain a framework to measure our QHSE objectives/targets; to ensure the continual improvement of our QHSE program and documented management system
  • To review our policy periodically in order to ensure its adequacy/suitability; to communicate this policy to all our employees/other interested parties